About Me

With 2 generations of Turkish rug experience in his family,  Engin Akdoğan founder of Rugsturkey company  After years of experience realize.

That people’s view of handmade carpets is now a little different than before, while the carpet was an investment tool and a work of art passed down from generation to generation, today it has taken its place as a complementary accessory to homes and businesses. In this, the modern, minimalist decoration of the houses and the new generation’s look at the carpet and the budget allocated for the carpet were very effective. this has led us to ask the question of how we can combine old and New, adhering to old traditional patterns and colors, and how we can produce with the appropriate budget, and this has inspired us to work on patterns, materials and colors in carpets that will be made for the future.

The carpets we have made recently and the positive feedback we have received from our customers have proven that this inspiration is the only reason why we have achieved success. As a rugs turkey company, we are pleased to be at your service in retail and wholesale sales with our  great collections.